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BackroomCastingCouch – Lexi

991.9 MB | 1280×720 | 00:33:46

At 23 one would assume Lexi has had a lot of sexual experience. But it turns out she’s unhappily married, and since she’s sitting here telling us how she wants to get more sexual experience through porn, it’s clear to me why. I’m happy to help. Something about fucking a married chick while her cuck husband’s at home, wondering how he could spice things up to save his marriage, is a turn on. Is Lexi pornstar material? No. She does take it in the ass and kinda sorta doesn’t mind it. And since she already has kids, she’s now also on the pill, so my ambush creampie doesn’t freak her out that much. Overall a satisfying experience…for me. While Lexi claims this business is for her, I have my doubts…
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BackroomCastingCouch – Angela


Having a clueless boyfriend at home doesn’t deter 21 year old, blue-eyed Colombian hottie Angela from sucking, fucking, and taking it in the ass from me today. I love inseminating a girl when I know her man doesn’t even get to do that. Not that I ask first. Angela is cheery, polite, and funny. The faces she makes and all the gesturing get more animated the more comfortable she becomes. And Angela is very comfortable, with the casting situation, with me, and most of all, herself. Angela describes herself as an actress, and there’s just one thing she claims to not enjoy but…boy, she must be one hell of an actress then. You’ll see what I mean. Angela is an incredible girl with great body, sex drive, and personality to match. Enjoy!

256.35 MB | 480×270 | 00:41:22

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