Clips4Sale – Lana Rhoades – Mommy is Your First
Meet Lana Rhoades, a single mother who had her son when she was very young. She knew how it was to be a wildand decided to raise her son much different, most would say she was overprotective. Her son is now eighteen and in his first year of college without even having an opportunity to kiss a girl. He always thought he was just "really picky" that he wanted a girl who was a younger version of his perfect goddess-like mother, but deep inside of him he knows he wants his mother in a very unnatural and wrong way.

Lana has worried endlessly about her son while he was in his first semester of college. It’s his break and he’s coming home. When he showed up at the door, he looked so handsome, so grown up, and so much like his father used to look when she met him. She tried to shake the thought off and talk to him over tea but she couldn’t keep her eyes off his lips, his hands, his crotch. She desperately tried to fight off the feelings, she needed to get out of the house, in public with her son, somewhere where her mind won’t wander, she decided to take him to a restaurant, she needed a drink.

Later that night..

She came home feeling tipsy. The night was amazing, almost like a dream, was it the alcohol or was her son flirting with her? She blushed when he touched her hand, helped her off with her jacket as a chivalrous man would do for his lover, but he’s her son.. and these thoughts are not usual, not right.. Lana got ready for bed, and wanted to kiss her son goodnight, just as she’s done every night when he lived with her, but something is different tonight. What will happen when two people with the same repressed desires find themselves unable to contain it anymore?

Watch the story unfold..
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Clips4Sale – Kimmy Granger – The Facepage Incident II

Includes: Kimmy Granger’s FIRST video, her brother Chad White, creampie

Kimmy is following "typical girl code" when she broke it off with her boyfriend. He wasn’t unkind, he didn’t do anything wrong, but Kimmy wanted him to love her, to burn with fiery passion when he sees her, so she broke it off to give him a little time to know how dim his life would be without her light. She waited 4 days, then 7 days, and now it’s been 9 days and she’s ready to take him back, but oh– she sees that he is interested in a new girl, he’s even flirting with her out in the open, on Facepage, the most popular social media platform. It’s so humiliating! He is supposed to be with her, and what about the girl code? Did it fail her? Did she wait too long?

She’s figured out a way to get her brother to help her. He won’t want to help her unless she pulls on his heartstrings. Kim knows just how to do it, he’ll be her instrument, she’ll play with his male ego, his brotherly instinct to protect her, and she’ll get him to take a racy picture or two for Facepage. His face will be cropped out, so nobody will know it’s her brother she’s "webflixing and chilling with," but his masculine arm around her is going to make her boyfriend go insane.

Watch the story unfold..
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Clips4Sale – K Daniela & Shona River – Daniela’s massage parlour – Part B

Daniela’s massage parlour (PART B)
…your dick is almost exploding… Daniela and Shona continue their cruel game… they tease you, tease your dick… after 5 hours delaying (part a) they will destroy your dick… Daniela jerks you off first… but very softly and tenderly… that your dick still stays sensitive… they continue without a break stroking your dick… Daniela alone, Shona alone, or both together… sometimes one of them takes a break to relax… but no chance for a break for you and your poor dick… your dick has to be stiff all the time… time?… yes, time again to cum in Shona’s soft hands… you feel a bit pain, as your balls are blue already after getting this massage for over five hours now… there’s still 15 minutes till closing time of the massage parlour… that means, another chance to cum for you… you don’t like it any longer? honey, you payed for it, so keep quiet… this time those four skilled hands force you to a third cumshot, your dick is swollen, your balls are burning and your body is weak and exhausted… now they let you go… there is still time enough to be in time for your date with your new girlfriend… have fun.

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Clips4Sale – K Daniela & Shona River – Daniela’s massage parlour – Part A

Daniela’s massage parlour (PART A)
You booked a so called "relaxing massage" in Daniela’s massage parlour… you don’t know which pleasure you will anticipate… you are just surprised, that she asked you being completely naked… and much more, that she ties you up on her massage table… after this Daniela tells you that she has only one booking today: YOU… so she and her nice assistant Shona have hours only for you and your pleasure… you don’t have time for 6 hours, but soon it’s clear, they will not let you go… and much worse, they will only massage your dick… ((oh f… at the evening you have a date with your new girlfriend))… every 30 minutes they change… they keep your dick hard with tenderness… no way to get out of this, but no way to squirt… for the first time ist only a game of tease and delay… (no cumshot in part A) !!great closeups and different angles of Daniela and/or Shona!!

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Clips4Sale – Harper More – I’ve Been Waiting For You

Hey, do you want to hang out? I don’t know, whatever you want to do… I’m just so glad to see you again. I missed you so much… Why not. Don’t you remember when you used to come in my room in the middle of the night? It’s okay, you’re girlfriend doesn’t have to find out. I know you still want to touch you’re little sister….

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Clips4Sale – Brooklyn Chase – My Mom’s Silent Lust For Me

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Part One – My Mom and I are out at the movies. As I’m reaching over for popcorn, our hands touch. I thought it was an accident, but when it happens again, I realize she is looking at me and smiling like she wants me. I think this can’t be real, but she keeps biting her lip while she’s looking at me and opening her shirt up more and more. Before I know it, she starts rubbing her foot on my leg while her high heel is dangling off her toes. When she finally moves the popcorn away from in between us and puts her feet on my lap, I know I’m not just imagining this. My Mom wants me.

Part Two – I sneak into my Mom’s room while she’s sleeping. After our time together at the movies, I can’t get the thought of us being together out of my head. I start groping her all over and she doesn’t wake up so I keep going further and further. When I open her legs and slide my hand towards her pussy, she finally wakes up confused and whispers, "what are you doing"? I start touching her pussy and put my finger over her mouth and begin to pleasure her until she finally gives in.

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