Clips4Sale – Candy Alexa – K POV – Candy Part A

Candy walked down the stairway looking so hot… your cock became hard and felt like it was going up the stairway to meet her… she stripped her dress off and teased you (and your cock) as she pulled her tiny panties down revealing her ass… your cock was hard as a rock, purple, and its veins protruded through the skin strechtched ever so tight… (no cumshot in part A)

…Candy held your cock at its base as her small pink lips stretched over your cock-head and took you deep in her mouth… your cock looked so large compared to her small mouth and face… she fluttered her tongue on your cock… licked your firm shaft from its base to its tip… and sucked on your cock’s head… extreme heat built up in your dick as internal spasms brought your semen up from your balls and squirting out for Candy…

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Clips4Sale – Alix Lynx – The Photography Student

When Rion took such superb pictures of Miss B, the photography teacher decided to take Rion under his wing and show him how to get the most out of his unique camera. After all, someone has to be able to take yearbook pictures when he’s not around. Now the prot�g� is assigned to take Ms. Lynx’s photograph for the faculty section of the yearbook. Like many of the stern and modest teachers before her, Ms. Lynx isn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of friendly faculty photos. But a good photographer knows how to help his subjects open up for the camera. Everyday Rion gives an excuse as to why the shoot needs to be redone. And though he tells her to forget at the end of each shoot, Ms. Lynx seems somehow happier and hotter each day.

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Clips4Sale – Lily Adams – My Daughter’s Not A Little Girl Anymore

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Part One: My Daughter comes to my room in the middle of the night and asks to sleep with me because she’s been hearing funny noises. She lays down, pressing her body up against mine, rubbing her leg against mine and her hand along my body asking why we ever had to stop cuddling. She rolled over on her side, and that’s when it occurred to me she was wearing nothing but a t-shirt and underwear… and her body is MUCH more mature and.. filled out than I remember. She starts to get even closer to me.. and then she begins to rub herself over her shorts! I start to wonder if maybe this is a dream when she crept over with her hand, slowly rubbing against my cock, which is now hard as a rock, and how good it felt.. it couldn’t be a dream. Shortly after, it became very clear that it was not..

Part Two: I’m in the middle of working when my daughter bursts through the door in a dress. She’s curling her hair around, smiling at me, asking me what I’m doing. I know where this is headed already. I try to back down, this is my job after all. What would they think if they saw me with my daughter!? She starts to get very persistent. Especially when she strips down naked in front of me!!! IN MY OFFICE! When she crawls onto my desk.. I.. just.. couldn’t.. help myself..

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Clips4Sale – Hailey Little – Little Girl’s Gift

I’ve been waiting for you Daddy… I thought about you all day. You know I love taking you in my little mouth, it always makes me so happy to taste you… But I thought we could do something special today Daddy… I want to give you my little pussy… Yes Daddy I’m ready. I know you’re very big, but I’ve been practicing. Please put it inside me Daddy….

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Clips4Sale – Ashley Fires – Mommy Gets Married

Mom was in the Chapel changing room looking at her beautiful wedding dress. The rehearsal had just finished and she just wanted to try it on was last time before the big day tomorrow. As she looked in the mirror she saw someone behind her. She turned around to find her Son standing there. She is shocked and throws her arms around him. She was so happy to see him and asked how he was able to be there? He is stationed in Afghanistan and she didn’t think he would be able come home. He said when he found out she was getting married he just left. He asked her why she didn’t tell him sooner? And who was the guy she had decided to marry? She said she hadn’t heard from him in a long time and she was lonely and needed someone. Just then Paul who is Alex’s best friend comes in. They two buddies smile and hug. Paul is very excited to see him and tells him that having him there on the big day means so much to them both. Then Paul smiles and says that he should now start calling him Son. Alex looks confused. He asks his Mom if this is guys that she is Marrying? Then grabs Paul and is about to punch him. He starts yelling at him "How could you Marry my Mom? She used to give you cookies when you were younger!" Before he can hit him Mom stops him and tells Paul to go wait outside with the wedding party. Alex doesn’t know what to say. His Mom tells him that since he joined up and was gone that Paul was around to help with things. Always checking up on her and making sure she was taken care of. But she said she needed more and since Alex wasn’t there to satisfy her and since she has known Paul forever it seemed only natural. But that was far from Alex wanted to hear and he was going to make sure that Paul would never touch his Mother again. He told her that she was his and only his and no one would take her away from him. He kisses her and then shoves his big cock in her mouth. She tells him that she was saving her ass for Paul for the wedding night! Alex then shoves his cock her ass and fucks his Mother till her ass cums all over his cock. Mommy then begs for him to cum inside of her pussy and make a baby with her

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Clips4Sale – Abella Danger – MHBHJ – Abella

Abella Danger gives some fucking radical head. I thoroughly enjoyed having this beautiful little cock sucker laying between my legs. I had the perfect view of her sexy feet and amazing ass as she pumped her face up and down on my cock until I shot my wad right into her mouth! Perfection

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