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FakeHospital – Gorgeous teen wants to learn how to have unprotected sex

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It was a quiet day here at the hospital and my next patient was running late, but when she entered the room I didn’t mind as she was a stunningly cute eighteen year old. She had come for a basic health check and also said she had some questions for me. I was quite surprised when she wanted to ask me how to have unprotected sex safely without the risk of getting pregnant. I told her that there were ways but if she wasn’t on birth control then she should not do it as there are lots of health risks associated with unprotected sex. Just thinking of this cute woman having bareback sex was giving me quite the hard on and I needed to see her body naked. I got her to undress and took her over to the examining table for a better view. As I felt her firm flesh my cock was really stiffening and I needed to get her deep inside her. I asked if I could check her vagina and she replied that I could and I slid some fingers into her and she gasped with pleasure. She was getting so turned on by my skilful touch that she bent my head down and kissed me on the lips as my fingers were still inside her. She told me that I had the experience to show her how to have unprotected sex and I knew I was going to fuck her. What followed was one of my best fucks in the clinic ever, as I fucked this amazing eighteen year old all over my office in all sorts of positions. After she had orgasmed several times I could not hold back any longer and I pulled out just in time to blow my nuts all over her stomach and tits. What a fucking amazing day, I’ll be wanking over this for a long time to come.
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FakeHospital – Rossella – Blonde with nice tits gets a full examination

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You could say I wasn’t quite expecting my next patient as I was still fucking my assistant when she knocked the door. Then I find out it’s her sister and she needs my help with her medical records. This was all a bit bizarre and so I quickly put my clothes back on and greeted the lady. As she had no health insurance over here she wanted me to sign papers so she could join her husband on a trip to Australia. I said it wasn’t as easy as that, but then she had some very persuasive ideas that made me change my mind. She started rubbing my leg and looking at me with those sexy eyes, I slowly pulled her top down and ran my hands over her breasts. This was quite a woman. As she stood up I grabbed her arse tight then she knelt down and started sucking my cock. But I could not wait any longer, I bent her over my desk and tasted her pussy before I squeezed my cock deep down inside her warm wet pussy.
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FakeHospital – Alexis Crystal – Nurse with a great arse sucks and fucks doctor for pay rise


I was just doing some last minute paper work when my reception nurse came into my office to discuss something. I asked her what was on her mind and she said that her and her boyfriend were saving to buy a house and she wanted a pay rise to help them save. I told her the pay grade is not just up to me and she would need to study to get better qualifications if she wanted more money. But then she walked around my desk and knelt down in front of me and started slowly sliding her hands across my cock. She said all she wanted was to make me happy and I should just sit back and let her show me how. I was of course very aroused, this was a very attractive lady. She then reached into and pants and grabbed my cock while looking at me as she rolled her tongue all over the tip of my dick. As much as I enjoyed watching her I now needed to taste her pussy. I got her to lay down on my desk with her legs wide open as I danced my tongue all over her clit whilst she gasped with delight. I could not wait much longer and it was time to see how tight her pussy was going to be when I slide my cock deep into her.

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FakeHospital – Lola – Slim blonde gets creampied after fucking in the toilet and the doctors office


I was just about to finish and head home for the day when there was a knock at my door that I presumed was the cleaning lady. After inviting her in I found it was a delicious looking blonde who was desperate to see me. The place was deserted so I thought I’d spend some time with this young blonde and see what her problem was. Turns out she had lost a lot of weight over the past month and she wanted me to check her over. I did some basic tests but everything seemed Ok, then I sent he to the toilet to get me a urine sample. She hadn’t been in there long when I followed her into the toilet to see if I could help her. She seemed fine with me helping her try to urinate so I gently applied some pressure to her stomach and slid my finger across her pussy lips. Her breath hitched and I could feel her getting nice and wet as my thumb came to rest on her clit. This patient was one horny lady and she was soon swallowing my cock down her throat like it was the last piece of meat on earth. I love fucking in toilets and I got her to lean up against the wall whilst I fucked her tight, wet pussy from behind. Then I sat on the toilet and she mounted me in reverse cowgirl. It was a little cramped in the toilet so we went back to my office where I continued to fuck her pretty much anywhere that there was a flat surface. She was very vocal, always calling out for more and telling me not to stop, but every man has his limits. After giving her the good fucking that she needed, it was time to unload my medicinal waste deep inside her tight, velvet pussy. With a loud grunt I fired both bollocks into her pussy which milked my cock dry of every drop. I fired it so deep that only a little bit came out when I went down to inspect her pussy. An amazing blonde that know how to please a man, she’ll have to come back tomorrow though as I never got that urine sample after all.

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FakeHospital – Alexis Crystal aka Anouk – Toned sexy patient cums in nurses mouth on doctors desk


A nurse can get up to a lot of mischief, if she so wishes. Today I noticed a hunk of a guy going into the doctors office, so I stopped the doctor outside and told him of an emergency down the hall, and that I would take good care of his patient. So I went in and quickly established that his problem, required him to strip off for a good examination of his muscles. What a physique! I could see that he must work out 3 or 4 times a week, every week. Yummy. After I showed him a few stretching exercises, I proposed we exercise his ankle amongst other bodily equipment in the doctors office. I first set about working my mouth around his hard tool and then let him lick my soaking wet pussy. From here we fucked across the desk and chairs, finishing up by me swallowing all his cum in my mouth. Maybe I’ll meet this patient again, maybe not? But I hope so.

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P1289 Brunette Babe With Stunning Figure Fucks For Cash

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P1288 Brunette With Big Boobs Fucked In A Cellar

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P1287 Busty Milf Has Sex With A Stranger For Cash

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